Video Review: Rex Smith & Rachel Sweet “Everlasting Love”

Rachel Sweet, dressed in a wedding gown, parks her motorcycle by the church. Rex Smith sits in a chair in the church and checks his watch. Wearing her helmet, she walks on the stairs and hugs Smith once she enters the church. She takes her helmet off by the door and puts on her veil.

They walk down the aisle. He slaps one his friend’s hands. They talk to one another and then stand at the altar with the priest. He takes off his sunglasses and puts it in the priest’s jacket as he sings. She waves her finger at the priest, who turns the pages of the Bible.

She helps Smith take off his jacket. He hands it to a guest in one of front rows. They turn to their guests and sing. The guests clap in the pews. Sweet, Smith and the priest place their hands over one another.

She takes his hand and they leave the church. Smith walks back to get his sunglasses. The priest dances by the altar.They kiss by the motorcycle. He lifts her up and puts her on the motorcycle. He sits in the front and drives off.

Rating: 3.5/5

Rachel slams the door and shouts she’s staying with her parents. Rex yells it was a mistake being with her. He calls his dad and says the marriage is not working. His dad tells him it’s only been three months and he has to actually work at it. Rex sighs as he hangs up the phone. He looks through the phone book for some divorce lawyers.

Rachel blows her nose into a tissue and tells her mom that he can be so mean to her sometimes. He doesn’t want to do anything. She whispers that they haven’t had sex since the first month they were married and that it just stopped. Rachel’s mom pats her shoulder and tells her she can stay for as long as she wants. Her father gives her a hug and says they can get an annulment. Rachel says she needs to think about it. She still loves him but she can’t live with him. Her father tells her to give herself some time before making any decisions.

Back at home, Rachel says she wants to go to school. Her parents have offered to pay for it. Rex shrugs and says she can do whatever she wants. Rachel wants to know if he even cares anymore and slaps him in the face. He says he cares more than she could ever know and kisses her.

In bed, she touches her stomach and hopes a baby in there. He kisses her on the forehead and apologizes for being a jerk. He wants to be with her forever. She says they are going to be one of those cute couples in their 80s, helping each other walk. He laughs and says they’ll be riding off on their motorcycle.

Director: N/A Year: 1981

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