Video Review: Mikalia “So In Love With Two”

In a split screen, Mikaila lies on her bed, wearing an aqua tank top and cross necklace. To the right, she sits by a stuffed teddy bear.

Her boyfriend kisses her neck as they sit together.

In the split screen, her second boyfriend leans into to her as she talks to him. To the right, she and her second boyfriend sit with their friends at the chain-link fence. She and her friends walk to the basketball court while her second boyfriend waits for in the right screen. She gives him a hug.

Continuing in the split screen, her friends play with a lavender balloon while she and her boyfriend cuddle on the right. Her second boyfriend runs her chin on her bare shoulder while on the left, she and her first boyfriend sit together at the party.

She sits on a bicycle on the lawn during the party. Her boyfriend lifts her up on the couch and she laughs.

In the split screen, she sits with her friends in the family room at at the party. To the right, her friends talk with other people at the party. Her friends throw glitter and she continues to sit in the aqua tank top on the right side. Her friends smash their hands into the cake while she sits on the bicycle on the right.

One of her best friends whispers in her ear. In the split screen, her second boyfriend opens the door and she turns her head on the right. He catches with her first boyfriend as she slouches on the couch on the right.

Rating: 5/5

Mikaila excuses herself from her first boyfriend. She covers her face with her hand and walks into the kitchen. Leaning against the counter, she starts to cry. Her friend slides off the sink and asks her what’s wrong. She says her second boyfriend wasn’t supposed to come. He was going on vacation with his parents for the week. Her friend says he’ll get over it. Mikalia shakes her head, saying she told him he loved him last week and had mentioned she was okay with being serious.

In the family room, lamps tip over and the music turns off. Another friend tells her she needs to get in the family room. Her two boyfriends are fighting over her. She runs into the family room and pulls them apart. She tells them to stop. Her first boyfriend shakes his head and points to her second boyfriend, saying she was a cheater and a slut. She  folds her hands and pleads with her first boyfriend to forgive her. “It’s true?” he shouts. He calls her a liar as he walks out the door. She walks into the living room and thanks her friend for the party but she’s going home. Her friend frowns and tells her not to let the drama get to her.

At school, Mikalia doodles in class. Her teacher calls on her and she shrugs. She fails a couple quizzes and goes home sick. She couldn’t take the stares down the hallway. The note in her locker made her feel dirty. While sitting in class, she had found out her second boyfriend had been kissing a sophomore after a game. Her boyfriend had been casually dating another girl when they met. She didn’t understand why she was getting the brunt of the hate and name-calling.

Director: N/A Year: 2001

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