Video Review: Thompson Twins “Doctor! Doctor!”

Clouds move in the navy blue night sky. The moon sits on the ledge of the building while Tom’s hands play the keyboards.

While on the roof, Tom stands up front. Alannah looks down as she stares at the ledge. In silhouette, she takes off her hat.

A young woman skates on the roof. A young man, wearing a fringed jacket, spins as he skates.

Several people dance on the roof. Alannah kisses a mime. Tom sits by the a pole connected to a screen, unrolling a picture of the moon. Alannah clutches the legs of the people as she crawls on the roof. Joe sits by the chimney. Two mimes pop up from the navy blue blocks. The people walk on the roof.

Rating: 3/5

Some people had been summoned to the roof by a letter. Others had been searching for it. A boundless love could be found on it. Couples never parted once they met. A legend had been attached to it. Most didn’t believe until they saw their one true love.

A young woman pops out from a navy blue block. She wasn’t going to fall in love. She was meant to be alone. However, a young male mime approaches her and stands with her. She inches away but he stays by her, his head down, hands at his sides. She lifts up his chin and stares into his eyes. She challenges him to say something to her.

A second young woman skates with her partner on the roof. She says the looks of love are for the audience. There are no feelings beyond the show. The young man gives the credit for the high scores, saying she is the one who pushes him to work harder. He adds that she’s the love of his life. She snaps her head around, her mouth wide open. He gazes at her and tells her it’s true.

A third young man rests her head on a young man’s shoulder. Their love needs no words. He hasn’t spoken in years. She knows it’s his choice and doesn’t question it. He’ll talk on his own again someday. The relationship has spanned at least five years and they have dedicated themselves to one another. She tells him the magic on the roof has led other couples together.

Director: Dieter Trattmann Year: 1984


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