Video Review: Deep Blue Something “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”

In New York City, New York, two fiftysomething hotel servers carry a wooden table with gloved hands in their suits in the street. Toby, wearing a bathrobe, leaves the Playboy Enterprise building. John checks his watch as he walks across the street. Clay rides a horse on the sidewalk. Todd looks up from his book as he walks.

John sticks out his thumb and gets inside a taxi. Todd puts on his sunglasses.

The band performs in a field.

Several hotel servers roll tables with trays in the street.

John sits in the back of truck.

The band performs on the a flatbed truck.

The hotel servers place the tablecloth on the table. One server dusts off the table with a brush. They pat the table as they set up the silverware. Clay gets off his horse and sits at the table while a server dusts his plate.

A Gray Line bus passes by Todd as he reads.

Todd asks the server to fill up his glass. The servers take the lids off the plates. John slides his plate on the table. Toby spits out his champagne while sitting in front of Tiffany and Co. They laugh and toast to one another. A young woman takes off her sunglasses as she passes by their table.

They continue to play in the field.

Rating: 2/5

Todd spends two hours at the Strand book store. He buys some guide books and a couple of novels. He listens a national talk about his book and asks a question regarding his current take on pop culture. He asks the clerk how to get to Tiffany’s. While walking, he looks at his guide book to see if he’s in the correct spot and makes notes in the margins.

Clay believes he took a wrong on the trail somewhere. He pets the horse and tells him he’s doing a good job. He gets off the horse and says they are going to take a break. The horse laps up the water in the bucket. Clay sits by the Fendi store and smiles at the people who gawk at him. He pats the horse and says only one more block to go.

Toby puts his feet up on the table in the conference room inside Playboy Enterprises. The executives nod as he pitches a partnership with the Playboy bunnies. He suggests the band could attend appearances and parties. They’ll perform as the official band. The executives shake his hand and thanks him for his time.

Over by Tiffany’s, Clay talks with John. John says he was running late. The subway train was delayed for almost 45 minutes. He thought he was going to miss it. Clay says they would’ve waited. Todd sits and drinks the champagne. He says he finally met his favorite writer. It was an amazing afternoon. John asks him if he wants to visit Wall Street in the afternoon. He answers yes. Clay says he’s going to hike the trails.

John asks Clay if he wants his ham. Clay eats his scrambled eggs. Toby takes a bite of his toast. Todd comments that the breakfast is amazing. Clay raises his glass, saying he’d like to make a toast to “good friends, good music and unforgettable memories.” They clink their glasses.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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