Video Review: Gucci Mane & Kevin Gates “I’m Not Goin'”

A young woman sits on a throne. She holds a bottle of Belaire in her hands. Kevin Gates sits on another throne while a two flames flare up behind him. He places his feet on a broken altar. Intact pews line up within the church. Gucci Mane and Gates dance in the church.

A second young woman dances by three columns.

A car burns in the parking lot.

Gucci Mane stands in the wooden frame within the church.

A chandelier with missing candles swings above the altar.

The second young woman lies on the pew and stares up at the ceiling.

Two firefighters climb up the stairs. Gucci Mane continues to dance within the frame of the church.

Rating: 3/5

Gucci Mane passes around the champagne bottle as he watches the church burn. Growing up, he had his confirmation at the church. He attended a friend’s wedding and mourned a few family members in the church. Kevin Gates shakes his head and drinks from the champagne bottle.

The young woman says a prayer for the first time in years. She was altar girl as a child and sang in the choir as a teenager. The church was part of the community. A siren wails and the fire truck parks in the lot. A fireman asks if there was anyone else inside. Gates says it was only them.

The church had become a target. Security had been upped in recent months and letters had been sent out to parishioners to warn them of the threats. Gucci Mane blows out the candle in his hand. Gates puts his arm around Mane’s shoulder and tells him they better go. He says he wants to stay. The young woman responds that she has to know if the foundation will at least stand. Gates steps back and says they’ll stay.

Director: Eif Rivera Year: 2018

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