Video Review: Billie Eilish “Bury A Friend”

During the night, Crooks awakes with a jolt in bed and sits up. He rubs his eyes and lies on his side. Closing his eyes, he levitates over the bed. Billie Eilish sits under his bed. She watches him sleep.

The lights flash as she walks down the hallway. Several hands touch her face and body. They hold her down. In a lab, they inject needles into her back. They pull her head up.

She tiptoes in the bedroom and then drags her feet. The hallway tilts as she continues to walk. She levitates in the hallway.

She continues to sit under Crooks’ bed.

Rating: 3/5

The monsters are still there. Crooks gets his flashlight and searches in the closet. He opens the closet a crack and sees only his shoes and some clothes on the floor. He leans against the wall and stares out the window of his apartment. The bar across the street turns off its lights. A police car speeds through a traffic light. A group of servers and cooks from the restaurant walk out together.

He checks his phone for doctors in his area. A high-pitched sound startles him and he looks around the room again. It has to be real. There has to be a rat somewhere in his apartment. Billie Eilish opens her mouth and raises her crooked hands over his head. Crooks falls onto the bed.

No one will believe it’s a teenage young woman. He shouts at her to go away and leave him alone. The teenage young woman, with dilated eyes, stares at him and tilts her head. She crawls under his head. He sits in bed and tells her “good night.”

While he sleeps, he realizes he is floating over his head. He lets out a scream and lands back on his bed. A neighbor knocks on his door and asks him what’s wrong. He explains he thinks he saw a mouse and says it’s all right. His neighbor says she’ll talk about the mice problem with the landlord in the morning. He giggles and tells the teenage young woman that it was a cool trick. He puts out a sleeping bag for her and says she doesn’t have to hide.

Director: Michael Chaves Year: 2019

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