Video Review: Jagged Edge “Promise”

A young woman, holding her wine glass, runs to answer the door. She asks “who is it?” The young man answers “Troy.” Brian says “Troy?” while Brandon shakes his hand. Troy asks him if he remembers a job he needed help with. Brandon nods, saying “yeah.” Troy tells him “it’s time, baby.” The young woman stops at Brandon at the door and asks him what he’s doing. He says he’s “going out.” She explains that they had a discussion about Troy and “that he was nothing but trouble.” Brandon says he’ll be right back. She asks for him to make a promise that he’ll be home tonight. Brandon says “I promise” while the young woman shuts the door.

Brandon, Brian, Richard and Kyle wear winter jackets as they stand on grated snow in an ice city.

Brandon drives with Troy through the city. Brandon sucks on his lollipop and checks his watch.

Back at home, the young woman looks at her watch. Her friends assure her it’s going to be okay and give her a hug.

Wearing orange sweatshirts and pants, Brandon, Brian, Richard and Kyle move through the crowd in the city. People play jump rope in the street.

The young woman cleans the dishes and blows out the candles on the table. She says goodbye to Richard, Kyle and Brian.

Brandon walks up to a gate. A dog runs up and barks at him. Troy asks him to come inside the home. He walks inside and watches Troy pay off a bookie. They run out of the home in the pouring rain. Brandon lets out a sigh of relief as a police car passes them on the way home.

Brandon opens the door and gives the young woman a puppy. She pets the dog.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young woman glances out of the window and sees a police car drive by. She holds her breath as it turns the corner. Brandon had started talking to one his old friends, Troy. Troy had recently got out of jail. She told him that Troy almost ruined his life once and he was fortunate. He says he’ll be careful.

Brian says Troy hasn’t changed. Troy had come over to his house and he asked him to leave his brother alone. Brian adds he’s been trying to get Troy away from Brandon since high school. However, Brandon is loyal to a fault. Brandon thinks Troy a good person and remembers who he was back in middle school.

Brandon returns home with a puppy. He says he found him as a stray on the street. She tells him the puppy is really cute and they think of names together. In the morning, Brandon says he isn’t going to go out with Troy anymore. Troy is in deeper than he thought and he doesn’t want to get involved. He worries Troy might try to get back at him, though. The young woman tells him they’ll look into security for their home.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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