Video Review: Gerald Levert “I’d Give Anything”

In the booth, Sylvia, a radio DJ, introduces her show “Groove On With Sylvia” and says “now your radio is really turned on.” She asks for someone to call her.

Gerald Levert picks up the phone inside his mansion and dials. She comments “I see my switchboard is lighting up. I like that. Caller, you’re on the air.” While sitting at the chess table, he says his name is “GL” and tells Sylvia that he enjoys her show. She asks him if there’s anything she can do. Levert explains that he’s a songwriter, has had some hits and bought some luxury cars. He says he has “a nice house.” She responds that “it sounds like you have everything, GL.” He says “it might sound like that but I would give anything for love.”

April drives her convertible and listens to Levert on the radio. A female server turns up the volume at Rosebud’s Diner. A cook talks with a customer at the counter. The young woman parks at the diner and walks inside. She sits at a table. The female server holds the boombox and pinches the cooks’ cheeks.

A second young woman glances over her shoulder and smiles. As she applies lipstick, a young man hands her a rose. April speaks to one of the female servers. April talks on the payphone.

Back at the radio station, Michelle calls out “April!” and asks her how she’s doing. April asks her “to trace a call on Sylvia’s radio show.” Michelle responds, “you want me to trace a call? Ok.” April drives in her convertible.

A helicopter lands at Levert’s mansion. She parks her car in Levert’s driveway and walks inside the mansion. He sits inside the helicopter. She stares at the grass and watches him fly off.

Rating: 3.5/5

April writes a note for Gerald Levert and leaves it on his kitchen table. She runs her hand over the chess pieces. They played for hours. It took her some time to learn. However, she was able to win a few games. She should’ve called him instead. Perhaps he would’ve postponed leaving the country.

She and Levert had a long friendship. Back when he was first starting out in music, she went to the recording studio and listened to his first single. It was a hit on the radio. He promised they would get together again. It had been six years since they last saw together. She believed it would slow down for him at some point. Gerald, though, was traveling around the world performing in concerts. They never talked anymore.

She hadn’t expected him to call into the radio. Over a game of chess, he said if he became famous, he’ll take her to parties and premieres. She had said it would be cool to meet some of her favorite celebrities. He says he may have an invitation for her and takes it out of her pocket.

Her little sister got sick. a day before. She had to cancel on him and bit her nails as she waited for news about her little sister at the hospital. He told her “another time.” On the television, she watched him attend the premiere on the entertainment shows. His song took off on the radio not long after and she only saw him in the magazines.

A week later, she shakes as her phone rings again. “Hey April,” a man’s voice asks, “It’s Gerald. How are you?” She smiles to herself and tells him she’s doing well. They talk for a few hours and he invites her to a private concert the next day. He’ll have a car pick her up. She tells him she’ll be there. At 5 p.m., she gets inside the private car and listens to his assistant give her a rundown of the evening.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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