Video Review: Taylor Swift & Brendon Urie “ME! (Version 2)”

Taylor Swift peeks her head around a yellow-painted pole. She puts one hand over her eye. She walks by a mint green pole and ruffles her hair. She continues to walk around the stage and puts her hand underneath her chin. While she dances, she shakes her head.

Brendon Urie pops up behind her. He stands close to her and waves his finger. He shrugs and she puts her hand on her chest. He puts his fingers to his mouth and puts his arms around a pink pole. He puts his both hands on his face. She flips her ponytail as she dances. He points to Swift and she gives a thumbs up. They dance and laugh.

Rating: 1.5/5

Taylor Swift hides behind the pole and shouts to Brendon Urie that he’s it. Urie chases after her and lifts her up as he says that she won’t be able to get away. She giggles and says it’s the most fun she’s had in a while. She heaves a sigh and sits on the stage. She says she can’t believe she’s almost 30 years old. Urie tells her he’s going to put 30 signs on her lawn. She slaps him on his arm and tells him she get it over with already.

Urie puts his arm around her and says she’ll get through it. She thought turning 30 would be different, though. He tells everyone goes through bumps in their careers. She says it’s not just that. She’s finally going to be in a musical and has a healthy, serious relationship. She thinks it might lead to marriage. Urie says she should take a break. She shakes her head, saying she can’t. The single has to sell.

The marching band forms by them. The dancers take their place. She shrugs at him as she grabs the microphone. Backstage, she waits for her cue.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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