Video Review: 5 Seconds of Summer “Easier”

Lit in burnt orange, Luke stands in the river inside the cave. He sinks his head into the water.

Lit in electric blue, Luke stands chained to the cave wall as he sings into a hanging microphone. Ashton plays the drums in another section of the cave. Michael plays the guitar in the corner. A young woman runs her hand over her face. She rolls around the rock.

Luke, Michael, Ashton and Calum stand neck deep in the river. Luke reaches out with his hand under water.

Framed photographs of the band members burn in an hallway.

The young woman stares straight ahead as she stands neck deep in the river. They each walk down the hallway alone.

A painting with gold symbols burns and falls onto the floor.

Rating: 5/5

The light was fading. Day Two was ending. Luke says he can’t breathe and begins to wheeze. Michael and Ashton gather around tell him and say they’ll be able to find a way out tomorrow. Luke shakes them off and says he still wants to try. He hits the flashlight and curses as it goes out. He slumps on the rock and says they are never going to get out.

Michael checks his phone. He says their families are almost at the park. He says they’ve notified the park rangers for help. Ashton tells him they’ll get through the night together. They ration the crackers. Calum tries to take another and Michael grabs the box from him, saying they have to save each bit of food they can. Lying on the rock, they share the blanket. Ashton adds some shirts and pants to the pile to keep them warm.

Ashton sits up during his shift. He turns his head from left to right. He monitors their phones for messages and responds to a few, letting them know their status. A park ranger bellows into the cave. Michael calls out “here! here!” The park ranger tells them to hang tight. They have a crew outside and someone will be entering the cave. He tells them they indicate their every move and stay calm.

In the afternoon, Luke holds onto the park ranger and says he’s so tired. The park ranger tells him to hold on. it’s only a couple more feet. Luke rests his head on the park ranger’s shoulder. The park ranger carries him to the ambulance and says he’s really weak. Luke’s parents rush to him and tell him he’s going to be okay. Luke mumbles that he isn’t sure where he is.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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