Video Review: Shannon “Give Me Tonight”

Lit in emerald, Shannon turns around in a forest and a man holding a necklace stares her down. He touches her arm and she shakes it off. He watches as she walks in the forest through his portal.

Shannon watches a young woman and man dance as she stands by a tree. Lit in blue, the young man and woman kiss.

The man puts his black cape and disappears. Shannon runs into him and puts her hands on his chest. They walk in the forest, holding onto one another. She continues to run into him four times. She touches his necklace as he puts his cape around her. She snatches it from his neck and pulls away.

Lit in emerald, she raises her arms over her head, she becomes a queen. From the portal, she watches him convulse on the ground. She puts her hands on his face while he leans backwards.

Rating: 2/5

Shannon touched her chest and the necklace was gone. She was unsure of who to trust in the forest. A man had talked to her but had faded into the darkness. She asked a couple if they had knew his whereabouts. The young man tells her they are the only person they had seen. A spell seemed to have overtaken as they continued to dance with one another. The man had used his stolen power to erase their memories of him.

The mans finds her in the forest and intimidates her as he stands next to her. Around his neck, she sees her necklace. However, there is no way to reach for it. He continues to follow her in the forest. Knowing she’s in danger, she tries to stay by the trees. However, he finds her wherever she goes.

She lets him believe she has been hypnotized. As he stares at her, she gets her necklace. He lands on the ground, reeling from his loss of power. He twist and turns while speaking to invisible version of himself. She holds him captive in the cave. He knows of her power. She watches the over the forest through the portal and frees the couple from the spell. They separate one from another with a quick burst. They squint their eyes at one another and try to discern how they know each other. Shannon runs her hand over the portal, returning their memories to them.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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