Video Review: The Chainsmokers & Bebe Rexha “Call You Mine”

In reverse, a police car follows Bebe Rexha while she drives with two poisoned regulars (Drew and Alex) in the backseat of her car.

She drags them on the floor in the club and positions them in the backseat as though they were asleep. She watches a police car drive past her car.

Lit in red, she wears a tiara on her head as she leads Drew and Alex through a beaded curtain. They sit on a couch in the private room. She pours poison into the drinks and serves them to Drew and Alex. They clink glasses and she grins as they drink. Slumped on the ground, she fixes Drew’s arm and checks for any movement.

Drew and Alex watch Rexha dance on stage. She gestures for them to follow her after the performance.

She waves hello to one of her co-workers and walks into the private room. She hangs on a hand drawn picture on the wall. Scattered photos with x’s on some people’s faces. A heart is drawn over Drew and Alex in a photo.

Rating: 4.5/5

No one could ever have Drew and Alex. Bebe Rexha eyed her co-worker flirting with Alex. She walks to the their table and sits next them. She tells her co-worker she’ll take care of them for the evening. Drew calls her co-worker back over and says she could stay for a couple of extra minutes. She rubs her finger on the bottom of her chin as she watches Drew and her co-worker talk with their heads close. With her hand, she knocks over her glass, spilling it onto her co-worker’s sequined outfit. She apologizes over and over. Her co-worker says she’ll talk to them later and excuses herself.

In the dressing room, she overhears her co-worker talk about her date with Drew. Her co-worker asks her if she’ll be going out with Alex. She shakes her head no. A second co-worker says she’s been dating Alex for about a month now. She hadn’t said anything because she didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Rexha opens the drawer of her vanity and views the bottle with the poison. During her co-worker’s performances, she pours the poison into their water bottles.

During her time with her lawyer, she tells them that her co-workers deserved it. They weren’t good enough for Drew and Alex. Drew and Alex, though, were determined to love anyone but her. She had to save them from a lifetime of misery. Her lawyer quits on her and tells her she’s going to have hire someone else. She tells him he’s won’t ever see his pretty wife again. The guard restrains her as she tries to pull out of his grip.

Director: Dano Cerny Year: 2019

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