Video Review: Katy Perry “Not Really Over”

Katy Perry carries her suitcase and presses a button at the bus stop. Silver sparkles fly from the van after she steps inside. Two women open the gate at the wellness center.

She lies her head on the desk and reads the plaque stating “Let It Go.” Lying on the bed, she traces the chestnut brown blanket with her finger. She slumps against the wall.

She does yoga on the lawn.

She presses her face against the screen window.

She dances on the lawn with a partner from one of her classes. She and her classmates rest their heads on another. Two people talk with one another as they wearing a silver tube over their heads. She stands in the middle of a game of tug of war as two people hold onto pink hearts.

A doctor places pins on her face during acupuncture.

She sprays water at her heart, which hangs inside in a bottle on a clothesline.

Wearing a tie-dyed dress, she and her friends dance on the lawn.

She and her friends hold hands chant during a bonfire. They hold their bottled hearts and drink from it.

She and her friends continue to dance in the field.

Carrying her suitcase, she waves the van down.

Rating: 5/5

Katy Perry practices yoga in her living room. She tunes out the sirens and trains near her home as she bends her legs. She texts one of her friends she met during her retreat and plans a get-together sometime in the month. She talks about her reservations getting back together with her ex-boyfriend.

During her retreat, she learned from several guest speakers on deal with adversity. Things hadn’t been going well for a while. Nothing she did seemed to right. She was frustrated and stressed out all the time. It was affecting her relationships with her ex-boyfriend and family. One of her friends recommended a resort to her. Her friend said it really helped her to get away from everything.

She looks at her vision collage board with pictures of her goals. It was covered with hearts and motivational phrases.  She wanted to repair her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. She wanted to be good enough for herself again. Within the last couple of years, she lost the confidence she once had. Seeing “you got this!” gave her some motivation to try.

Director: Phillipa Price Year: 2019

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