Video Review: Montell Jordan “This Is How We Do It”

In Los Angeles, California, two friends greet one another at a house party. A young woman hits the television. A second young woman fixes her hair in the bathroom.

Montell Jordan sits with a third young woman on the couch.

He and a group of dancers perform a routine in a warehouse.

A young man kisses a fourth young woman’s neck in the bathroom.

Jordan leans against the wall. A second young man nods at a fifth young woman as she talks on the phone. She hangs up the phone and makes out with the second young man on the couch.

Jordan holds a cigar between his fingers while he talks with a sixth young woman at an expensive restaurant. He talks with the people at the table about the money he’s making and growing up.

He plays a card game during the party.

He and his friends continue to dance at the party.

Rating: 3.5/5

One of his oldest friends greets him at the party. Montell Jordan gives him a hug and says it’s great to be be back. His friend tells him everyone is waiting to see him. They play the song as he walks inside the house. His friend explains everyone from school has been playing his album non-stop. He asks if his crush from high school came. He smiles and says she should be in the living room somewhere.

He runs into his crush from high school and says it’s great to see her. She says she can’t believe he’s here. He shrugs and says he had some vacation time and wanted to come home from a bit. He asks her how she’s doing. She says she hasn’t been doing much. She’s been working a lot. He sighs and says that work never stops. He adds that he had to rearrange his schedule. His manager was ticked off at him.

He asks her if she wants to sit on the couch. They sit and talk about high school. She says she remembers when he make jokes during history class. He laughs and says he was so bored. It was how he entertained himself. She shakes her head and says it’s so boring. They talk for almost three hours. He exchanges phone numbers and says it was great to talk to her.

Back in Los Angeles, California, several executives ask him about his childhood. He explains he didn’t have much and that he goofed off at school. He loved to sing, though. Choir kept him out of trouble. He says he doesn’t have to worry about money now. The executives asks him if he has had a chance to travel. He says he’s planning to vacation with some old friends once the tour is over. One of the executives says they have some ideas for the tour and hands him a notebook with illustrations. He nods, saying it looks great. The executive raises her glass and says to they should toast to Jordan and his talent. He smiles and drinks his third glass of champagne.

Director: Hype Williams Year: 1995

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