Video Review: Cheryl "Let You'

Video Review: Cheryl “Let You”

Wearing a gray hoodie, Cheryl cuddles with her boyfriend as they stand by the window of their apartment. She rests her arm on his shoulder and smiles at him.

Covering her naked chest with her hands, she sits on the bed.

Wearing a neon green crop top and pink patterned pants, she and her dancers perform a routine underneath an overpass.

In a sky blue t-shirt, she sits on the edge of the bed while her boyfriend reads the news on his phone.

In a black crop top, spotted miniskirt and thigh-high boots, she walks down the streets of Los Angeles, California.

At night, wearing a black minidress and neon green boa, she points her finger at her ex-boyfriend. She walks ahead of him as he follows behind her.

Lit in scarlet red, she and her dancers perform a routine by the docks.

Rating: 3.5/5

Cheryl smooths out her miniskirt as she walks down the street. It was delivered to her house last week. She hadn’t shopped for herself in a long time. She didn’t really care for a while. While she was with her boyfriend, she wore hoodies and shorts. She believed she wasn’t pretty to him anymore. While he wore designer suits, she held back in her discount store clothing. There was no need to dress up. He wouldn’t notice her anyhow.

Sitting on her bed, she stares at her naked body and sees the flaws in her legs. She tells her friends she’s considering surgery. Her best friend stops her and tells her she doesn’t need it. Her best friend tells her she’s beautiful and picks her out clothes in her closet for her to wear. Her best friend puts a crop top on the bed and she tells her she can’t wear it. Her friend tells her she used to wear stuff like it all time and to try it on.

At the club, she laughs as she spills some of her drink on the floor. She tugs at her crop top, worried that she may reveal more than she’d like. A young man asks her to dance and she falls into his arms. He asks her for her phone and she gives it to him. While walking home, she asks her friend if she should call the guy. She’s still with her boyfriend. Her best friend says her boyfriend is too concerned about himself. She tells Cheryl to give it a couple of days.

Back at home, she orders some trendy clothes online and puts her sweatshirts in a Goodwill pile. She makes a date with the guy from the club. Her boyfriend returns home and walks past to her. She tells him she’s leaving him and he pauses in the kitchen. She tells him it’s over.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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