Video Review: Double “The Captain of Her Heart”

Sitting by a lake, a young brunette woman stares ahead. A twentysomething woman with blonde hair sits on her balcony and looks at the street below.

Kurt watches a 15-year-old young woman, wearing a leather jacket, walk across the street. Felix leans against a street pole. Felix glances at a fortysomething woman sitting at a table at the cafe. A twentysomething brunette woman sees the fortysomething woman and continues to drive. Felix plays the saxophone in the backseat.

A young woman swims in the ocean. She raises her arm as she holds her breathe underwater. A thirtysomething woman lies on the grass and stares at the spokes turning on her bicycle. She rides her bicycle and holds onto her hat. Kurt leans against a tree as Felix plays the piano.

Kurt plays the guitar on a boat. A second twentysomething woman closes her eyes and sways to the music. A second thirtysomething woman, wearing a dangly earrings, stares at the lake.

Rating: 2/5

The thirtysomething rubs her ankle. She had been daydreaming of being with her ex-boyfriend again. Her ex-boyfriend hadn’t been a nice guy. However, at least he was someone to date. None of the men she had met lately did anything for her. While lying on the grass, she rethinks her decision to break up with her boyfriend.

A fortysomething woman with graying hair sits by herself at the cafe. She avoids the eyes of the people staring at her while she eats alone. A little girl waves at her and she smiles back. She really should’ve gave love when she was younger. She always wanted children. Her family and friends stopped asking if she was ever going to have any. It was too late for her.

A twentysomething woman with brunette hair sees the woman with graying hair and sneers at her. Cringing, she watches as the woman waits to cross the street. She drives off without giving her another look. Once she reaches 50 years old, she’ll be surrounded by grandchildren and being warned by her children not to swear around them. She’ll drink champagne and still shop in the junior’s section of the clothing store.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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