Video Review: Lady Antebellum “What If I Never Get Over You”

A broken vase of flowers lies on the kitchen counter. A young woman tapes a cardboard box while the movers from Two Men and a Truck load her furniture.

Across the street, Charles sits on the lawn and watches her carry the cardboard box to the truck.

She leans against the wall and picks the flowers off the stem.

A young man sits on a couch in his apartment.

Hilary, David and Charles sing in the young man’s apartment.

The young man looks at the photograph of him with the young woman and places on a sheet.

Hilary sits at the diner, watching the young woman talk with a second young man. The young woman laughs and sees the first young man’s face.

She holds the first young man in the shower and sits with him on the bed. While sitting by the kitchen sink, she touches his face. They hold hands as they walk in a field of dandelions. Lying on the grass, they make out. They argue by a wooden fence.

In bed, she types out a text message, telling him “I miss you.” She deletes it. She turns to the second young man and puts her head on his shoulder.

Rating: 4/5

The passion wasn’t there. The young woman tries to feel something as he touches her back. She thinks of her ex-boyfriend to get through the moment. He smiles at her and leads her towards the bed. Whispering in her ear, he tells they have enough time. She releases herself from his hands and says she’s going to be late. She gives him a quick kiss on the check and tells him she loves him.

She isn’t sure she loves him, though. He asked her to move in with him and she said yes. He had brought up marriage but she usually changed the topic. She had no desire to get married. Online, she checks her ex-boyfriend’s profile. He’s posing with his new girlfriend on the beach. They’ve been in a relationship for most of the year. She scrolls past the history of his profile pictures. The photos with her are gone. She types a message to him and sends it. She has to at least try.

At her desk, she checks her phone every 15 minutes or so, looking for a response to her message. Returning home, she tells her boyfriend she doesn’t want to talk. Her boyfriend stands in the kitchen, cloth in his hand and watches her walk into the bedroom. She sits on the bed and turns on the television. Folding her arms across her chest, she stares at the photos of her with her boyfriend throughout the room.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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