Video Review: Mario “Let Me Love You”

Mario sits in the chair and listens as his friend tells him “Oh my god! You really cut your joints off!” His friend says he thought he was kidding. Mario responds “sometimes you do what you gotta do.”

Mario hits the punching bag in the red-painted Japanese anime room.

In the sky blue painted room, he looks out the window and watches his crush talk with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend sees him staring and nods at him. He turns on the stereo and takes off his white jacket. He dances in front of the floor-length mirror.

He dances in the red-painted room.

Sitting on the couch, his crush sits with her boyfriend and watches Mario dance in the sky blue painted room. She stands up and starts to dance. His friends say goodbye to him as they leave.

Against a black-and-white painting of lion on the wall, he sits on the bicycle.

He opens the door and his crush dances with him. They make out on the floor.

Rating: 3.5/5

Mario talks with his crush’s boyfriend. Her boyfriend brags that he just was over another girl’s house. Mario glares at him while his friends ask questions about the girl. His boyfriend states directly to Mario that there’s no promises. Mario shakes his head and tells him “no promises for you.” Her boyfriend laughs and says he’s taking it too seriously. However, he’s seen her cry after talking with her boyfriend.

His crush tells him he’s a really good dancer. She asks him when the dance team is going to perform next. Her boyfriend says they have to go and he’ll find out later. Mario waves goodbye to her. Mario curses his under breath. His friend tells him he has to let her figure out it on her own. Mario says he wants to but her boyfriend is such a jerk. His friend says she probably knows it but he has to give her time.

Someone knocks on his door. He wasn’t expecting anyone. He opens the door and sees it’s his crush. She tells him she broke up with her boyfriend. He says he’s sorry. She puts her finger to his lips and tells him it’s not his fault. She asks him to teach her his new dance. While sitting on the floor, she kisses him. He says he’s wanted it for so long and continues to kiss her.

Director: Little X Year: 2004

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