Video Review: Lasgo “Something”

At the Prague Train Station, a train drives through a tunnel. Evi walks off the bus, carrying her yellow suitcase. She steps onto the platform. She glances and sees a young woman, wearing a red dress, waiting on the platform. A young man runs towards her and they hug.

Peter and David sit in the lobby and stand by the escalator.

She leans against a pole, reading a brochure. An 8-year-old plays with his remote control car and runs it over her feet. She smiles at him. While walking with his mother, the 8-year-old looks back at her and grins.

While standing on the platform, a second young man reads a newspaper on the bench. A senior citizen couple sit on a bench in the middle of the platform. A second young woman applies lipstick in the reflection of a painting.

She walks down the stairs.

A third young woman sits outside with her luggage at night. In the morning, a fourth and fifth young woman sit at a table in the cafe. They stare into each other’s eyes. A fortysomething man writes in his notebook. The fifth young woman lights a candle on the table. The fourth young woman holds her hand.

Evi stands by a telephone booth. A third young man opens the door and the sixth young woman turns her head while she talks on the phone.

Sitting on a red bench at night, Evi stares at a photograph of her boyfriend. She drops it on the ground. The fortysomething scatters pages of his notebook into the air. A person stomps on a rose. A twentysomething couple sits on the red bench and kiss.

Evi smiles at the man who opens the locker next to her. She looks inside the locker and the door closes.

Rating: 2/5

Evi watches the trains run past for about two hours. She glances at the photograph of her boyfriend and continues to walk. She hails a taxi and gives him her boyfriend’s address. She stares out the window and silently says “stop” to the driver  in her mind. She doesn’t want to know what is going on with her boyfriend.

The long-distance relationship seemed to be working at first. They talked almost every night and shared stories about the day. A month ago, the calls became less frequent. He was leaving her voicemails and calling at odd hours. She listened to his messages and realized they were vague. He was speaking in platitudes without really saying anything meaningful.

She bought a train ticket to Prague. She had to find it for herself. The taxi driver drops her off. In the driveway, she sees two cars. Taking her suitcase out of the trunk, she stares at the house and then back at the ground. She carries her suitcases to the door and puts them down. She rings the doorbell and waits.

Director: N/A Year: 2001

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