Video Review: DJ Khaled & SZA “Just Us”

DJ Khaled and SZA lie on a bed inside a castle sometime during the first century.

SZA, wearing armor, stands by a pillar on the ship as it sways in the thunderstorm. Hundreds of men growl as they face her.DJ Khaled reads a proclamation inside the castle. SZA wields her sword and and defeats several of the men from the army.

Several women help DJ Khaled put on his armor. She leaps to another ship. One of the women places a crown on DJ Khaled’s head. While the back of the second ship burns, she points her sword.

DJ Khaled stares down the leader of the army. SZA sits on her throne while the army stands behind her. DJ Khaled smokes his cigar and fights the leader of the army. He turns and stabs the leader in the back. SZA takes a bite from her apple.

Standing on a mountaintop, SZA kicks at the men crawling to her as lightning strikes in the night sky.

Red rose petals fly in the sky as DJ Khaled and SZA dance on the stairs of the castle. They hold hands as children smile at them and toss rose petals from their baskets while they walk. Golden butterflies fly in the air as DJ Khaled and SZA ride multi-colored elephants. People play golden instruments in the parade through the forest.

Rating: 5/5

SZA and DJ Khaled had to fight for their people. While serving as King and Queen, they represented their country with dignity. Other nations respected them and entered into alliances with them, knowing they could trust them to follow the rules.

The countries within the alliance had been overthrown. A coup within the government had started slowly. The King and Queen believed of the other country had believed it would resolve itself without any intervention. A rebel army had killed the King and Queen and targeted the members of Parliament. The other countries had boosted their armies. However, it was too late. The rebels had infiltrated the government.

SZA and DJ Khaled were on their own. Their was no ally to provide aid to their soldiers or send them any intelligence. Their people were scared. During DJ Khaled’s speech, he promised to sacrifice for his country. SZA thanked their people for their prayers and assured them they would return.

The survivors from the other countries’ armies had followed one another and maintained contact. They delivered a plan to SZA and DJ Khaled, stating they had to make the first strike. At the castle, they said goodbye to one another and to their people.

The war was over. SZA and DJ Khaled were helping to rebuild their ally’s governments. They were celebrated throughout the world. Their country became the new superpower. For centuries, their monarchy determined the order of the world.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2019

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