Video Review: Exposé “Let Me Be The One”

Jeanette, Gioia and Ann walk through the doors of a theater. Jeanette turns around as aqua paint splashes on the screen.

Gioia, wearing a striped gown, lies on the floor by broken frames. She arches her back as she sits up.

Ann, wearing a black gown, dances by the charcoal painted wall. Jeanette, wearing a mauve gown, dances by herself by the charcoal painted wall.

They dance in the lobby.

Wearing zebra print skirt and bra top, Gioia performs in the center of the stage while Jeanette and Ann dance next to her.

Rating: 2/5

Gioia picks up several tops at the department store. Her order was a total of $1,000. She takes out her credit cards and pays for it. There is no need to worry about cost any longer. With her recent stardom, she can expect designer goods to arrive in the mail of her home. A 10-year-old girl points at her and says “Gioia!” Gioia waves to the little girl and signs a piece of paper for her.

Jeanette alerts the police officers in the corner to help her and her sister. The fans have been their crowding their table and they can’t leave the diner. They put down their silverware and tell the crowd to disperse. The owner apologizes to Jeanette. She says it worked out. Her sister asks if the police officers can follow them home.

Ann waves at fans on the red carpet with her television star boyfriend. He whispers in her ear and she smiles. The television actor was someone she thought she only saw pictures of two years ago. When he talked to her at a party, she could barely form words at first. They quickly became a couple. The reporter asks her how long they’ve been together and about her latest song on the radio. She touches his arm as she answers the questions.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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