Video Review: Brett Young “Catch”

At night, Brett Young walks onto the baseball field in a stadium. The crowd cheers in an recorded game. The announcer says “And on the mound for Ole Miss is a true freshman, Brett Young. So a tough assignment for a young buck here. Well, he’s look very sharp in outings now. You know he’s worked early and looked sharp early. Tonight he’s got his opportunity as a starter.” Young stands on the mound and puts on his glove. He throws the baseball.

As an 18-year-old freshman, Young pitches on the field while the coaches watch. During a night game, he walks onto the mound and sees a young woman in the front row. He smiles at her and throws the first pitch. While leaving the locker room, he spots her walking with her friends. He runs over to her and says hello.

On their first date, she laughs as she sips from her milkshake. He waits for her after class with lunch. She runs into the library as he studies and pulls his hoodie over his head. They chase each other in the library. She attends his games.

During a game, he clutches his arm after a pitch. He sits in the locker room and she gives him a hug. The coaches shake their heads as they watch him pitch. He stands in the shower, his head down. The coach tells him he can no longer play.

In the stadium, Young pitches to his eight-year-old son. He gives his son a high-five. The announcer says “Ladies and gentleman, Big Machine recording artist, Brett Young.” He walks with his son. The young woman, now his wife, joins him and they leave the stadium together.

A message on the screen reads: “Man plans. God laughs.” – Yiddish proverb.

Rating: 5/5

Brett Young could’ve been an All-Star player for a Major League Baseball team. During his freshman year, the news reporters asked him if was he was thinking about being drafted. Agents often called him, promising him a wealthy future with a million-dollar contract. However, he wanted to graduate college with the young woman. He couldn’t leave her behind. His life had been only baseball before he met her. She had helped him realize that there was life past the fame. She kept him grounded.

It was the injury that destroyed his dreams of playing baseball. Baseball was going to be his way of taking care of his family, including the young woman. He didn’t want her to ever have to worry. She was already in debt and squeezing in shifts at her part-time job between his games. He knew his arm wasn’t the same. However, he hoped the coaches would let him play. His scholarship hinged on their decision.

It was a rough few years with him for a while. He struggled to pay for classes and considering returning back home. Their parents helped them to get on their feet after graduation and paid for most of the wedding. He often tells her that someday, he’ll find another way to take care of them. She says they’ll be okay. He picks up his guitar and plays in small clubs.

During his concert, he thanks the young woman and his son for standing by him. The crowd cheers. In the front row, she blows him a kiss.

Director: Seth Kupersmith Year: 2019

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