Video Review: Luther Vandross “Here and Now”

In a painting of a sunset, an animated dove flies over the water. A painting of a brunette young woman hangs in an art gallery.

As animated swirls and blobs of color move in the background, Luther Vandross stands within the marks as they cover his face.

A young man views a neutral painting of a city in an art gallery. While he stares at it, the tan lines fade as the sky turns blue and the grassy, green hills form. A young woman looks out the window of the building.

The young man turns to look at another painting. Within a painting, he holds the hand of the young woman as they move through animated columns. The thirtysomething woman and man sit at their desks, watching the young man.

The young man and woman dance as the sun sets. He turns his head to the door. White light shines on the young woman as she opens the door.

Against a lavender background, an animated Ferris wheel turns. The young woman and man kiss by the Ferris wheel.

An animated man canoes past a cathedral.

The young man and woman talk by a drawing of Luther Vandross hanging in the art gallery.

Rating: 4.5/5

The artist who painted the young woman revealed each thought in her eyes. The young man believed she wanted to be seen as someone with substance. Her quiet beauty overwhelmed him and he wanted to know the woman. The title underneath was vague. He asked one of the dealers for more information about the painting.

The male dealer explained the artist wanted to keep her mystery hidden. She was known within the art world as a muse for more than a few painters. The young man wants to meet her. The female dealer says she can contact her but can’t guarantee anything. He buys the painting. The male dealer rings up the sale and says the artist will be grateful.

He continues to visit various art galleries, trying to find her. Although he sees in her drawings, he feels as though he knows her. During an opening, he believes he sees her. He runs up to the young woman and says she looks familiar. She points to a painting down the hallway and says he may have seen her face there. He says “it’s you.” She sips her wine and says she heard someone bought the painting of her at an art gallery. She introduces herself and asks how long he’s been interested in art. He tells her it’s a fairly recent interest. She stops at a painting and explains her interpretation. She asks him what he sees. He turns to watch her and says “unending beauty.” She smiles at him and leads him to the next painting.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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