Video Review: Meja “All ‘Bout the Money”

Lit in gray, Meja closes her eyes against a black background with a royal blue swirl.

Lit in royal blue, a theater full of people watch of a movie and stand up at once.

She opens her eyes and the color returns. It returns to the gray. Her eyes turn royal blue.

In black-and-white, she sings.

In color, she sits in bed.

Back in gray, the people, lit in royal blue, run past her. It rotates back to color. She sings against a royal blue background.

Lit in royal blue, the people continue to run. She continues to sing lit in gray. It rotates from her singing in black-and-white to sitting in bed. Lit in gray, She brushes back a strand of her hair.

Rating: 2/5

Meja puts her bags by her at the booth of the restaurant. Her friend says they’ll start with red wine. Meja says it’s too much money. Her friend tells her she’s buying and asks her what she wants to eat. Seeing the prices on the menu, she decides on a salad. Her friend sighs and tells her to order something else. She says she’s fine with the salad. Her friend rolls her eyes and says she knows she’s hungry. Her friend gestures to the chandelier and says they dining in a place that has been featured in movies and television shows. Meja shrugs as she sips her wine. She’s says she’s happy with the neighborhood diner by her house.

In the mall, her friend tries on designer shoes and asks her opinion. Meja says they are nice. Her friend says they need to be better than nice for the cost. She asks the sales clerk for another pair. A second sales clerk asks Meja if she wants to try on a pair and she shakes her head no. Sitting in the chair, she stares at her discount store shoes.

During a trip to the United States with her friends, she suggests they take a subway in New York. Her friend says she’s renting a car for them. Her friend flips her hair and says they are going to the popular bars and looking for celebrities to meet. Meja says she’d rather go to Central Park or tour the Chrysler building. Her friend sighs and says she’s not really any fun. Meja says she has already most of her money on drinks last night. She’d rather spend the day in the park. Her friend says they’ll see her later then.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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