Video Review: Mabel “Mad Love”

Lit in Parisian blue, Mabel and several dancers stand in silhouette.

Wearing a bubblegum pink wing, she leans her head against a mirror. Holding a baby blue feather boa within her fingers, she puts her hand on the mirror.

In a red crop top and boy shorts, she shakes her hips against the Parisian blue background. The dancers perform a routine behind her.

With a black skyline behind her, she stands as the sheer material of her dress lifts up.

Lit in scarlet red, the she and the dancers continue to perform the routine. While the lights flash scarlet red, she lies on the floor.

Three young women sit on large speakers and clap.

The dancers hold up their phones as she stands in the center of the circle, with her hands on her hips.

Wearing white lace pants and the a pink crop top, she kicks up legs while dancing in the mirrored room. She leans her head on the mirror while the lights flash Parisian blue.

Rating: 3/5

Mabel fixes her pink wig in front of the mirror. As an ultra femme, she searches for an underground party in Tokyo, Japan. She meets up with some friends and sings karaoke in the bar. Carrying her Hello Kitty purse, she walks to a diner and eats her breakfast at 6 a.m.

Back home in the United Kingdom, she takes some enrichment classes at the university and works out at the gym. She rolls her eyes at her boyfriend and spends thousands at the designer clothing stores. Feeling inspired, she drives to her cottage and paints the entire weekend and submits some finished work to some journals.

A few of her Japanese friends attend her exhibition. They ask her if she’s still planning to come back in May. She explains she picked up a mentorship and waiting to hear about some grants. She says it may not be until the beginning of next year. One of her friends says things have started to turn around for her. She says the break was good for her. It allowed her to time to let go. One of her friends wants to know if the boyfriend will be coming with her in January. She shakes her head and says broke up with him. Her schedule has become hectic and she no longer had time for him. One of her friends wants to know if he still signed off on her paintings of him. She sighs and says it’s a mess. Her lawyers are trying to work something out.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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