Video Review: Carrie Underwood “Southbound”

The tour buses park in a lot while a crew member guides them into the spaces.  Carrie Underwood, wearing a t-shirt and jeans, dances on stage during rehearsal.

Wearing a Southbound tank top, she and her husband, Mike Fisher, clink their margaritas in their backyard. She, Maddie and another one of their friends play a bean bag toss game. In the lake, Maddie and Tae sit on a float together and wave. Hannah sits on a lounge chair and reads a magazine. A pair of sunglasses falls on the pavement.

Wearing a violet sequined dress, she performs in concert. Fans wave from their seats.

She carries a paper plate of barbecue and licks her finger as she walks in her backyard. Jennifer aims the squirt gun. A DJ provides music for the party. Someone holds up a stuffed target. Two of her friends hold the string. She pulls the string and almost reaches the target with the bean bag. Two friends carry a cloud float. Jennifer drinks a margarita. She, Maddie, Tae, Jennifer, Hannah, and Naomi toast to one another.

A family member flips over the hamburgers on the grill. Hannah serves the ball during a volleyball game. One of her friends pet her dog.

Backstage, she smiles as she watches a crew member toss quarters into a plastic cup. She talks with her band members in her dressing room. Fans wave as they stand in line. She poses with pictures with fans during the meet-and-greet.

Her son, Isaiah chases her with a squirt gun in the backyard. He wears headphones as he walks with her down the hallway of the venue.

A friend of hers sits on the second float and says “it feels like I’m feeling.” She takes pictures of the lake with her camera. Two friends jump on a float and the friend catapults into the water from the second float. Tae shakes her head no. She and her friends talk on the pier and talk.

Jennifer, Hannah and Naomi perform with her on stage. Her husband and son watch the show.

She and her friends sit by the bonfire. They roast marshmallows. They continue to stand at the pier in the afternoon.

Rating: 3.5/5

Maddie whoops as she wins the bean bag toss game. Carrie Underwood jokes that she wants a rematch. As she walks away, she asks if she wants another drink. Maddie says “why not?” Her son tugs at her arm, asking if he can ice cream. She tells him he has to wait until after dinner. He says but he’s hungry now. Inside the tent, she says he can have a piece of watermelon.

Jennifer thanks her for the barbecue and says it’s great.  She says “anytime.” Hannah stops by to say “hello” and tells her she forgot where the changing room was. She says that she’ll show her. Looking back at Jennifer, she tells her to get some more food if she wants.

On the pier, she calls out to Naomi and says she has to see her picture. Naomi laughs and says she didn’t realize she flew so high in the air. Naomi asks her to send her the picture. She says she’s going to post it online and that she’ll tag her. Her husband, Mike says the caterers are cleaning up and asks if she wants any leftovers. She shakes her head yes and says Jennifer mentioned something about the potato salad. She wants to put some aside for her. Mike says he’ll let the caterers.

During the bonfire, Hannah says she’s nervous about the tour. Tae tells her it’ll take some getting used to but someone will always be available to chat. Jennifer puts her arm around Hannah and says it’ll be okay. Carrie says they’ll be work with her if something comes up. Hannah nods and says it seems so long. Maddie says it is. However, they’ll get it through it together.

Director: Jeff Venable Year: 2019

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