Video Review: Johnny Gill “Fairweather Friend”

In black-and-white, a young woman, wearing a red costume. pirouettes inside a crystal ball. Johnny Gill looks through window and sees the crystal ball on the table. He dances inside the house and sits at the table, looking through the crystal ball.

The young woman carries a tray to her table.

In the family room, he stands by a circular window and sits on a chair.

Her tray dips and the customers’ meals drop to the floor. She puts her hand on her face. Gill appears and wave his hands. The tray returns intact in her hands. A car drives past the movie theater, which is playing “Fairweather Friend.”

In color, the young woman stands in the pouring rain by the movie theater. Gill appears and offers her his umbrella. He dances in the street and fades as a taxi pulls up by the curb. She gets inside.

She tosses and turns in bed. He watches over her and appears in her nightmare. She screams while being consumed by the sand. Holding onto the frame, she shields her eyes. Gill waves his hands. She smiles as she sleeps. In her dream, she stands in the sand, wearing a dress.

In color, the young woman slips on stage and falls. A judge puts his hands over his face and calls out “next!”  Gill appears in the balcony and waves his hands. She performs the dance without a mistake. The judge claps for her and says “wonderful!” She follows an invisible Gill while the judge shouts “stop!” He puts his arm around her and they walk through the open door.

Rating: 3/5

Johnny Gill didn’t expect the crystal ball to work. It was a novelty item he bought from the mall. He put in his family room as decoration. He was bored one day and waved his hands over it. Inside, he saw one of his best friends pleading with her boss. Due to his schedule, he wasn’t aware that she was problems at work. He materialized into the crystal ball and was able to have the boss apologize to her.

While making dinner, he glances at the crystal ball. Red smoke fills up inside. He rushes over to the table. He sees his best friend screaming. He calls her on the phone. She answers, crying. He says he’ll be right over. She tells him he doesn’t have to. She can’t interrupt his work. He tells her he’ll work it out with management.

He holds his best friend while she sits in the hospital. She thanks him for calling to check on her. She asks him how he knew. He tells her he just had a feeling. The nurse comes into the room and checks her vitals. The nurse comments that she’s getting better. Her best friend says his phone call saved her life. The nurse smiles at him and tells her she’s fortunate to have a friend like him.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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