Video Review: George Ezra “Hold My Girl”

George Ezra sits at the end of his bed in his room. He looks at his guitar sitting beside his table. A candle burns on the table alongside his electronic calculator.

Water covers the aqua floor. He leans against the wall. Turning around, he sees the water has risen to almost the length of the table. His guitar floats by the window. On the windowsill, he glances at two figurines.

He walks through the water and stands on the bed, hanging onto the ceiling. His feet dangle as the water reaches his stomach.

He swims in the water and climbs on top of the bed again. He falls from the bed and swims again. While swimming, he glances over his shoulder and stares at his lamp.

He climbs on his bed and calls for help. The light in the lamp blinks.

Rating: 5/5

George Ezra was the kindest person, a friend recalls during the wake, he volunteered with help babysitting his child. He wouldn’t think twice about taking time off to help someone move. They’ve been friends since they were children. Ezra’s friend bursts into tears and he says he can’t finish.

His mom speaks with the insurance company. She says to the customer service representative that she isn’t sure what to do. Her son just passed and she doesn’t understand any of what she’s saying. The house flooded and they can’t sell it. The customer service representative apologizes for her loss and says she’s ask her team lead to reach out to her.

His crush knocks on parents’ door and asks for some photos. His mom smiles and gives her a hug. His mom says that he really loved her. His crush wipes a tear from her eye. She says she wished had more time with him. His mom leads her to the table and asks if she’d like some coffee. His dad says there was book full of photos she’d like. They sit on the couch together and share memories. She thanks them for photos and says it was great to talk them. His mother says she can come over whenever she likes.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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