Video Review: Neneh Cherry “Kisses On The Wind”

In black-and-white, Neneh Cherry, wearing a graphic t-shirt dances by a skyscraper.

Wearing a bra top and skirt, she dances between two skyscrapers. A kaleidoscope turns behind her.

Two women talk by a crosswalk.

She pumps her arms as clouds swirl and evaporate by the skyscrapers. Three men stand with their arms crossed over their chest. A man joins her as she continues to dance. Two other men later join them.

Wearing a dress, she pulls the strap down as she dances.

Several men and women form a kaleidoscope as they dance. She and several versions of herself pass by.

A kaleidoscope turns behind her while she dances.

She continues to dance while wearing the bra top and skirt.

Rating: 3.5/5

Neneh Cherry glances at her watch while she passes a group of men on the street. A man whistles and she takes a couple extra steps. Although she wants to curse at them, she stares ahead. Her office was only across the street. The men were new. She thinks they might be in the remodeled office building.  While on lunch, she reverses her path and goes to a diner far from their smoking spot.

At 10 years old, she dated her first boyfriend in elementary school. They went out for an afternoon and he said she was pretty. Her parents shooed a 14-year-old boy away from her. She was upset at them, saying they were in love. Her parents told her she was to stay away from him. Back then, she believed her parents were being overprotective. However, as she sits in the diner, she’s grateful for them for teaching her to be careful.

Back at home, she’s dances in her apartment with the windows open. In her mind, she hears her mom warning her about the perverts filming with their cameras. As she pumps her arms, the worry leaves her while she listens to music. She isn’t going to stop living her life completely.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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