Video Review: JoJo “How To Touch A Girl”

JoJo sits against the wall in her room, wearing headphones, listening to a vinyl album.

A young woman and man talk over pizza at the restaurant. He holds her hand.

She lies on the floor with vinyl albums out of their sleeves surrounding her. She sits on the steps inside her home. Singing into a silver microphone, she performs on the rooftop as the sun sets. Wearing an emerald green dress, she stands in a coffee shop.

The young man and woman play video games on the couch.

Two versions of JoJo sit on the red chairs inside the coffee shop while she continues to stand in the center.

The young woman sits closer to her crush on the couch. She puts her hands on his face. The young woman and man meet on the rooftop at night. They kiss.

A band performs with JoJo on the rooftop.

She watches her crush lifts up the gate and walk into the room. Taking off her headphones, she gets up and gives her crush a hug.

Rating: 3/5

JoJo asks the young woman about her date last Saturday night. The young woman tells her it went really well. He wants to go out with her again. However, she says that he mentioned hanging out. She’s excited but doesn’t know what he meant by it. JoJo explains maybe he was nervous and used the wrong word. The young woman says her crush asked about her the other day in class. JoJo tells her she wants to know everything.

While at the young man’s house, she sits far from him on the couch. Although he held her hand on the date, he seems to maintaining a distance. She bumps his shoulder and he smiles. She tells him she’s ready to for another game. He asks her why she’s sitting so far away. He pats the seat beside him. She scooches over and sits next to him. They stare into one another’s eyes.

JoJo talks to her crush in the hallway. He asks her what she’s doing on Saturday afternoon. She shrugs and says she might listen to some music and organize her vinyl collection. He says he didn’t know she was into vinyl. She nods and says she started two years ago. He says he knows of some good music stores and that he’ll pick her up at around 1 p.m. She says “sure.”

JoJo thinks of the young woman. She’s now in a relationship. The young man kissed her on the rooftop. She says they stayed there all night, cuddling and looking up at the stars. As for herself, she isn’t betting on anything. Her crush only thinks of her as a friend. However, when he comes over, he gives her a kiss on the lips. She blushes and stares at the floor.

Director: Syndrome Year: 2006

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