Video Review: Steve Aoki & Ina Wroldsen “Better To Lie”

Against a charcoal background, Steve Aoki closes his eyes and turns in a circle.  The background changes to sky and navy blue.

Wax melts his face. It bubbles in the back of his neck and spills from his chin. A stone sculpture of him turns. The stone cracks and chips away in small chunks. The chocolate brown mold underneath gets painted white as it continues to turn. Its eyes open as it faces the center.

Rating: 5/5

Steve Aoki talks with one of his close friends over lunch. His friend mentions that he’s been back and forth all over the country. His friend apologizes for not inviting him to France. He’d thought he wouldn’t be available. Aoki says it’s okay and asks when he’ll be traveling next. His friend says he’s planning to go on a cruise and will let him know once he gets a solid date.

Aoki responds to his friend’s posts online. His friend messages him that he was sorry he wasn’t unable to get together last week. Aoki waits a few hours before responding. It really hurt that his friend seemed to forget about him. He writes that it wasn’t a problem and ignores his posts on his friend’s feed.

His friend posts pictures of his cruise. Aoki deletes him from his feed. He preferred to be spared from the excuses. He appoints one his assistants to handle his social media and tells them if they see anything important pop up, like a birthday to please acknowledge it.

Conversations have become limited. Words, to him, are transactional with little value. Each sentence may be as well as pennies spilling from his mouth. He keeps to himself and mainly talks with his family.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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