Video Review: Nelly & Kelly Rowland “Dilemma”

While people walk in the neighborhood, a message reads on the screen: “Welcome to Nellyville, U.SA.” A group of young men play cards on table on their lawn. From across the street, a young woman waves to them. An 8-year-old boy rides his bicycle on the street.

Nelly sits on steps of his front porch. He watches Kelly Rowland get out of the moving van. She smiles and waves at Nelly.

Rowland sits on the steps of her front porch. He walks across the street and introduces himself. Rowland’s mother (Patti LaBelle) and Nelly motion for his friends to help. He and his friends watch as her boyfriend (Larry Hughes) picks her up. Her boyfriend stares down Nelly. She gets in the car with him and gestures for him to not say anything.

At the boom record store, she thumbs through a row of compact discs and stares at the young man next to her. The young man smiles at her and she walks out of the store.

Nelly stands by his car.

He waits for her at the curb. She pulls up by him and motions for him to get inside the car. She and Nelly hug.They dance by his car.

From her window, she watches him as he leans against his car. She reads a text message from her boyfriend, asking her to call him. She tosses the phone on the floor.

She and her boyfriend stand in line to see “Dilemma” at the movie theater. She sees Nelly put his arm around a second young woman and mouths “what?” She eyes the second young up and down. Her boyfriend puts his arm around her and she glances over his shoulder at them.

Her mother opens the door to her daughter’s room and tells her to “get him.”

She and Nelly continue to dances in the street.

Rating: 4/5

Kelly Rowland slams her bedroom window shut. She throws a teddy bear her boyfriend gave her on the floor and cries. Her love life was a mess. Walking down the stairs, her mother says she wants to talk and gestures to the chair. She tells her mom she wants to be left alone. Her mother tells her to sit down. She slumps in the chair and crosses her arms across her chest. Her mother sits next to her and says that Nelly has every right to see who he wants. She’s leading both them on and isn’t deserving of them right now. She tells her mom it’s confusing. Her mother she won’t be upset if she breaks up her boyfriend. She only wants her to be happy.

Rowland says hello to his friends on the lawn of his house. They say hello to her and tell Nelly they have to go. Nelly asks her how she’s doing. She says not well and that she’s upset. He says the second young woman asked him out and seems to like him. He isn’t sure about her. Rowland bites her lips and says that every since she met him, she’s been out of sorts. She says she loves him and wants to be with him. Nelly says she has to break up with her boyfriend. He’s already heard those words from her. Rowland nods and says she’ll do it. She can’t handle him seeing him with another girl.

Nelly talks with his girlfriend. His girlfriend comments the couple across the street is fighting. He listens as her boyfriend points to him and says that she’s a cheat. Her boyfriend runs across the street and pushes Nelly in his chair. His girlfriend shouts at Rowland’s boyfriend to leave. Her boyfriend laughs, and says she won’t be defending him once she knows. “Knows what?” she asks Nelly. Nelly shakes his head, telling her not right now. Her boyfriend says he and Rowland had something going on. Nelly’s girlfriend tells him it’s over and leaves.

Rowland crosses the street and asks if Nelly’s if he’s okay. He says yes and gives her a kiss. She says she’s so sorry. He says it’s okay now and asks if she wants to take a walk. She takes his hand and says yes.

Director: Benny Boom Year: 2002


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