Video Review: Jonas Blue & Sabrina Carpenter “Alien (Version 2)”

Lit in scarlet red, Sabrina Carpenter stands in a cell. Lit in electric blue, Jonas Blue screams inside his cell.

In a white painted cell, she opens her eyes inside a white. Security cameras hang on the walls. She glances around the room and notices a stack of televisions. She crawls on the floor. On the television, she sees Jonas Blue, lit in scarlet red, banging his fist on the wall.

In his white painted cell, Blue walks back and forth. He turns and sees Carpenter lying on the floor in her cell.

Wearing a gold sequined dress, she sits in a chair in a small room. Her tv dinner sits by her rotary phone and tube television on the table.

Blue sits in a same room by himself, staring at the walls. He puts his hand on the television as it shows Carpenter searching in her room. An sky blue light flashes and he looks up.

Back in the white room, she puts her ear to the wall. Blue puts folds his hands and puts it to his lips. In the small room, she hits the video camera.

She watches herself in the white cell on a stack of televisions. Blue walks down the scarlet red lit hallway. She walks backwards down the same hallway. She hits the wall with her shoe. On the televisions, she sees Blue standing in the white painted cell. The screens flash red as she walks away from the televisions.

Rating: 3.5/5

There’s got to be a way out. Sabrina Carpenter calls out for help. She asks the person to let her go home. She tells the person that she has friends who will miss her and that he’ll get caught. She screams. Jonas Blue realizes he’s not alone. On the television, he sees Carpenter. He says his name, hoping she’ll be able to hear him. He sits on the floor and tries to to think of a plan.

A gold sequined dress hung up in the room. She changes into it and glances around the room. She sits in the chair and picks at the cold TV dinner. The television replays footage of her in the cell. A bottle of pills sits on the table. Taking off her high heels, she realizes she doesn’t want to be a part of some person’s recreation of a 70s party girl. She smacks the wall with her shoes, scuffing them. A shock jolts her in the arm.

Blue discovers the room extends to a hallway. Through a door, he hears someone walking in the room. He knocks on the wall, asking for the person’s name. The human voice, the only real interaction she’s had in hours, catches her attention. She walks down the hallway and tells the person she’s there. He says his name is Jonas and asks for hers. She responds for Sabrina. He says he thinks he may know of a way out. She nods and says she thinks there’s another hallway somewhere. Through the wall, he says it’s a dead end for him.

She walks past the room and sees the televisions. Pushing them to the center, she climbs on top of them and hits the ceiling. It breaks. She calls out to Jonas and asks him to keep talking as she crawls in the ceiling. Jonas shouts “here!” once she’s close. She tells him to climb on his stuff and breaks the ceiling. Jonas says he’s too heavy as she struggles to grip his hand. He tells her to go. She says she’s not leaving him here and pulls him up.

Director: Carly Cusson Year: 2018

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