Video Review: Lina Santiago “Feels So Good (Show Me Your Love)”

Wearing a black pleather jacket and a white t-shirt, Lina Santiago performs on stage at a dive bar. Two female dancers move next to her.

In black-and-white, the female dancers continue their routine.

As a light flashes, a young man dances by a violet painted wall.

Two young women dance in place while they put on lipstick in the bathroom.

She leans against the wall in the bathroom. A third young woman, wearing a gold halter dress, swings her matching purse as she passes by her.

In black-and-white, a second young man kisses his girlfriend’s shoulder as they dance in the club.

She shines a spotlight on the crowd and flexes her arm as she sings. While she taps her heart. a fourth young man in the front row dances near the stage. A second couple makes out in the corner.

Back in bathroom, a fourth young woman, wearing a hot pink fur, powders her face.

She dances in the middle of the crowd.

The fourth young woman stands next to her in the mirror. The third young woman dances in place while she continues to stand in the center.

She performs on stage.

Rating: 2/5

Lina Santiago beelines into the bathroom after the performance. Several men grabbed her on her way inside. The third young woman asks her why she isn’t in the crowd dancing and drinking with everyone else. She tells the third young woman she doesn’t drink and really wants to go home. The fourth young woman, wearing a hot pink fur, says she’s missing out.

She hears sniffing in the background and says she can’t go to jail for drugs. The two young women laugh and say it’s not going to happen. The fourth young woman says no one cares. The fourth young woman pats her shoulder and say they’ll save a drink for her outside.

Her two female dancers stumble into the bathroom drunk. She tells them they haven’t received their money yet. One of her female dancers holds up bottle and shouts “too late!” She hits the bathroom with her fist. Her two female dancers exchange surprised glances. She slumps against the wall and cries. She’s never going to get anywhere. The dive bar is a dead end. The dancers she hired care more about partying than starting a career. She walks out of the bar and hails a taxi.

Director: N/A Year: 1996

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