Video Review: Paulina Rubio “I”ll Be Right Here (Sexual Lover)”

The DJ at the bar puts on his headphones and plays the record on the turntable. In the hostel, the sunlight streams into the bedroom while a group of people sleep. Young men and women sit on the second floor and look at the beach. A young woman sits against the wall, sleeping.

Paulina Rubio sits up in bed. A young man next to her takes off his sunglasses. She raises her arms while several people talk to her. She crawls on the bed.

Wearing a leopard print bikini, she dances on the beach. Several young women dance on the beach with her.

She and the group run towards the ocean. A second young man touches her waist. She holds onto the waist of tthe second young woman. A third young man touches her shoulders.

In the bar, she dances between two women, who rub her arms. A bartender pours a row of shots on the counter.The people take their drinks off the table. They rub their bodies with the alcohol.  Some people take lollipops.

Rubio dances by the DJ booth. People make out on the second floor.

She and the people lie on the floor together, their bodies touching.

She laughs as she puts her arms around two young women.

Rating: 2.5/5

Paulina Rubio drinks two shots at 10 a.m. A young woman touches her and she moans. She pulls a young man to her. She can’t choose one person to love. There was no need for choice, though. Everyone picked who they wanted. There was no exclusive relationships between them. She’d been involved with almost fifteen people at the point within the month.

In the corner, she sees a young man and woman together, whispering. Some secret relationships occurred within the group. She had received some invitations for a wedding and a renewal of vows. The people who attended the weddings usually strayed from the group and left for another place. She only knew a few people’s names. New people arrived every day, though. There was always someone else.

As she dances barefoot by the DJ booth, drinks fall to the floor. The bartender asks her to step down. She mocks for him not being fun. She says the rules aren’t real. The bartender says she almost fell. She stomps her foot and gives him a dirty look. One of the young women puts her arm around her and tells her she knows how to make her feel better. Rubio rests her head on his shoulder and says she’s so thirsty. The young woman says she’ll make her a drink in the room.

Director: Simon Brand Year: 2001


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