Video Review: Shaed “Trampoline”

Against a white background, Chelsea stares ahead as she wears a sculpture sheet over her head. She closes her eyes.

Wearing a white dress, she stands on the floor. She sits on a white platform next a male sculpture. A white sheet flows behind her as she continues to stand.  She reaches her hand towards the ceiling.

With white powder sprinkled on her hair and on her face, she tilts her head.

She jumps on the floor.

She touches the sculpture’s face. The sculpture becomes human and turns into Spencer.

Against a cornflower background, Spencer and Max stand shirtless together. A white rose falls. Its continues to fall with singed petals.

Spencer and Max jump together against the white background.

Spencer and Max rest her head on her chest as she wears the powdered wig.

She stands in front of a mirror.

Rating: 3.5/5

Chelsea has been analyzed and photographed. She has traveled to Europe and been placed in famous museums. Crowds stood in line to see her. Her unveiling was talked about for months. She represented a maturity from her maker.

While standing in the museum, she gazed at the soldier in front of her and wanted to know his stories. According to the dulcet, he was commissioned by a millionaire for his home. The artist disowned the work and refuses to comment.

She awakes one early morning and walks to the one sculpture. He had no name but she called him Spencer. Spencer seemed to be friendly. He stood humbly, his eyes on the ground. It was as though he was afraid to see the world. She wanted to show him everything she saw. However, she wasn’t sure if he was like and knew what was going on.

He opens his eyes and she motions for him to move towards her. She helps him balance himself and asks him he’d like to go outside. She says water is falling and she wants to see how it feels. He shakes his head and says something might happen. She tells him they never have to go back. They can be the admirers now. He takes her hand and walks with her onto the sidewalk.

Director: Max Haben Year: 2018

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