Video Review: Cameo “Word Up!”

The detective (LeVar Burton) says into his megaphone, “Cameo, don’t even think about it! Come out with your hands up!” People shout behind the barricades set up on the street. He adds “the place is surrounded.”

Larry sits on a chair in the family room. Tomi and his girlfriend stop talking. Nathan looks up as he cooks eggs on the stove.

Lit in electric, the detective and the police wait outside. They walk to the door and follow Larry, Tomi and Nathan as they leave their home.

Larry dances in place while he talks to several women on the sidewalk.

Larry, Tomi and Nathan take motorcycles and ride to the club.

Lit in electric blue, they run to the stage.

A young man lets them in the bar. People dance as the band plays on the stage. Some women dance in cages. The detective and police walk into the bar. One of the police officers takes off his shirt and starts to dance. The detective finds Larry and handcuffs him. The detective tries to push through the crowd but is held back. He pulls up his arm and realizes he’s handcuffed to a young woman instead.

Larry, Tomi and Nathan walk in a tunnel.

Rating: 3/5

Tomi peers through the window and says the police car drove off. Nathan says he can’t live in hiding any longer. Larry gets up from his chair and says they are going to turn things in to the police. Tomi exclaims that they did nothing wrong. Larry points out that several communities have sheltered them and gave them safety. However, they have to defend themselves.

The detective smirks as he sees them walk into court. The judge dismisses the case and calls out the detective’s harassment. In their press conference, the lawyer states he’s pleased that with the judge’s decision and says the detective needs to be fired. The detective fires back that he was only doing his job and that Cameo are sinful.

Nathan reads in the newspaper that the detective was arrested for holding up a bank. He tells Tomi and Larry and that the detective had lost his job after falsely accusing Cameo for sinful behavior and had resorted to stealing the money as a last resort. Larry laughs as he reads the detective’s quote that he had nothing and was scared.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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