Video Review: Katy Perry “Not Really Over (Version 2)”

Katy Perry, wearing a Lever Couture fringed dress, sits on a rug. Her greyhound dog sits on a flower chair. Her dog looks over at her and she smiles. She pets her dog.

Wearing a lime fuzzy halo, she smiles as she stands against mustard background. Split into three screens, she touches the fuzzy pink fabric of her sweater dress. She puts her hand on her chest.

While sitting on the rug, she continues to smile and pet her dog.

Stylists fix her hair as she stands against the mustard background. Split into three screens, she holds onto her halo.

She brushes the fur out of her dog’s face.

Rating: 4.5/5

Katy Perry helps her roommate in the commune with laundry. Her roommate says one of the couples are going to have their baby son as she loads the washer. Perry says she’s so excited. Most of the babies have already started school. Her roommate says the midwife has been staying with the couple for the last few days. Her roommate shakes her head and says she’s going to pray for them tonight. Perry says she’ll join her.

During the prayer meeting, the council leader asks for a healthy birth for the newborn. He asks if anything to share. Perry raises her hands and says she hopes for a bountiful crop for the summer. A twentysomething member responds that he would like the fundraiser to reach its goal.

While she talks a walk, a visitor wants to know why she decided to choose to live in the commune. She says she was alone and her parents didn’t care what she did. Pointing to a couple at the booth and the several children running around, she says she has found a new family. She helped take care of the children and even taught some classes when their teacher was sick.

As she walks to her part-time job, she thinks of her original home. She left without a word. Every so often, she thinks of calling her aunt. Her aunt was the only one who the took time to listen to her. On Saturday afternoons, she took her for lunch and shopping. However, she’s living for something bigger than herself now. She can’t stray from the causes.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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