Video Review: Little Mix “Bounce Back”

An 8-year-old girl walks into her bedroom and brushes her hair in front of the mirror. In the dollhouse, Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Perrie and Jade stand in place in the family room. A unicorn sits on the couch.

As the the 8-year-old girl dances to music, Jesy, Leigh-Anne. Perrie and Jade tilt their hands and move their arms. Several male dolls lean against one another in a pink room.

The heads of Little Mix are placed on lamps that sit on a pink table.

In a maroon painted room, two men lean their heads into one another.

While Jade puts her hand near head, pink animated hearts float by her.

Wearing a leopard-print outfits, they dance in a gold painted room.

The 8-year-old girl plays video games on a tube television as she sits on the floor. She jumps on her bed.

Dressed in denim outfits, they dance in the backyard. The other dolls continue to move inside. Some dolls jump rope in the maroon painted room. The dolls gasp as the 8-year-old girl sees them move.

Rating: 3/5

The 8-year-old starts asks her dolls to move again. She says she wants to talk to them and be their friend. She says it’s okay.

The dolls stay quiet. One doll had been removed and returned with cut hair and a missing arm. The doll cried every night. The doll said it had been attacked by the dog and so scared. She says she belongs in the basement now. Perrie mentions to Jesy that they should do something. The others think they don’t care.

Perrie, Jade, Jessy and Leigh-Anne had heard the rumors of the other dolls. They had been living in the house since it was built. Perrie, Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne were the favorites. They received the newest and most stylish clothes. Perrie attempted to hang out with some of the dolls in the other rooms. The dolls shirked back and remained still. Jade breaks out dancing and examines one of the doll’s faces.

Jade whispers to Perrie that they should offer some of their clothes to them. The other dolls seem to be from the dollar store and don’t have much. Perrie, Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne gather their clothes and set them in a maroon painted room. They say they have no use for them. One of the dolls speaks up and says they don’t their charity. Another doll points out that they are disposable. Some day, they won’t live in the house and be replaced with the latest shiny thing. A third doll says they are collector’s items, which is why the reason they have they lasted so long. The third doll snaps her fingers and tells her, one day they’ll be sold and placed on a shelf somewhere. The second doll giggles and says they are worthless now. The third doll nods and says they are out of the box.

Perrie  and Jade return to the family room. They tell them they are staying in the maroon painted room. Leigh-Anne says it may help. Jesy says they better next start anything. They walk into the maroon painted room and ask where they can stand.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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