Video Review: Maxwell “Fortunate”

Maxwell sits on his bed. He stares at the square screen in front of him.

Red polish drips from the bed onto floor.

As the screen continues to move in front of Maxwell, she lies on the bed with a red spot on her. The screen focuses on her eye.

On a television screen, Rayford (Eddie Murphy) and Claude (Martin Lawrence) walk in a clip from the 1999 film, Life.

She sits up in bed. He lies on the bed by himself. He stands up and touches the screen.

The young woman stands in the bathroom. She looks at Maxwell standing in the bedroom and then into the mirror.

Maxwell tries to reach for her through the screen. They hug as doves fly in the bedroom and the bathroom. He leans in to kiss her. He sits back on the bed and hangs his head as she disappears.

Rating: 4/5

Maxwell won’t ever forget the day. She was lying in the bathtub, her eyes wide open. He called out her name. He shook her arms. He tried CPR. He sank into the bathroom floor, sobbing. Gulping for air, he reaches for the phone and calls the police.

Two police officers lift her up from the bathtub. He tells them to watch her head. He turns his head as they zip up the body bag. The police officer asks him what happened. He says he isn’t sure. She was ok when he left. Bursting into tears, he says he was going to surprise her and make dinner for her. She had been working so hard. The police officer asks him if there’s anyone he can talk to. He says his mom. He can talk to his mom but he’s blanking on the number. The police officer where he keeps his phone numbers. Maxwell says in a notebook in the kitchen drawer. The police officer asks him to lead him there. The police officer helps him find the phone number and stays with him as he makes the call to his mother. His mother says she’ll be right over.

Technology had helped to recreate her image. Sometimes he believed it was real. While he touched her, he realized she was a holograph. The day started all over for him again.

Director: Francis Lawrence Year: 1999

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