Video Review: The Weather Girls “It’s Raining Men”

Martha and Izora close their umbrellas inside the 10:50 News office. Martha stands in front of a desk and waves her umbrella as she reports the weather. During commercial, two writers hand her new information. Izora answers the phone. They look out the window and see men holding umbrellas as they fall from the sky. Izora and Martha take their umbrellas and crash through the window. They fly in the sky with the men.

Bare-chested men wearing trench coats and underwear walk by some medium sized skyscrapers.

In the sky, Mother Nature pulls the stars from the sky and gives them to the angels. The angels walk through a winged door.

Walsh sleeps in a heart-shaped bed. The roof is torn off her apartment building and she reaches for the men falling into her bed. Izora joins her and lies next to her.

Martha and Izora talk with the two writers in the city. The writers return to the office while they dance with the bare-chested men in trench coats.

Rating: 2.5/5

Martha Walsh giggles as she accepts her Pulitzer Prize. She says she’s going to hang it on her refrigerator at home. Izora says her Pulitzer Prize is going to be displayed in the family room. They had made history by breaking the “male raining” phenomenon. In their follow-up stories, they reached out to scientists for explanations. No one knew why men were suddenly falling from heaven.

Some people believed they saw some their ancestors. Other countries reported lesser populations as a result. However, lonely women had their pick of men. Martha and Izora dated at least 50 men before finding their husbands. Valentine’s Day sales tripled. On the anniversary of the Raining Men, stores opened early. It became as profitable as the day after Thanksgiving.

Women all over the world looked up to the sky for the new lovers on the anniversary. However, it simply rained. Martha and Izora wrote columns about the unique event and the impact on society a year later. They theorized it couldn’t happen ever again. They urged for funding to discover the reasons why.

Director: Gary Keys Year: 1982

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