Video Review: 702 “Get It Together”

In black-and-white, LeMisha talks with her boyfriend in the car. She slams the car door shut as she leaves.

LeMisha stares out the window and watches the rain as it pours. Irish puts her hand on the window. Kameelah walks by the window.

Irish and her boyfriend hang out at the park.

They sit on chairs in the family room.

They each take turns standing in the bathroom. LeMisha leans against the bathroom sink and shakes her head. Irish puts her hand over on her head as she paces. Kameelah sits in the bathtub. LeMisha slumps against the wall.

They continue to stand by the window.

Rating: 2.5/5

Irish comments it’s been a crappy day as she watches the rain. She says she had so much to do but can’t due to the weather. Kameelah says she and LeMisha will help her tomorrow. LeMisha wipes away her tears and says she needs to be alone for a while.

LeMisha cries in the bathroom. Irish knocks on the door and asks if she’s okay. She says she’s missing her boyfriend. Irish opens the door and says she’s better off. She may not realize it now but it’s a fresh start. LeMisha shakes her head and asks how she can believe it after everything that’s happened lately. Irish sits beside her and says she has to. Irish says she’ll reapply to college again in the summer. She tells her they’ll figure it out.

Kameelah changes the stations on the television with the remote. She asks LeMisha and Irish tell her to stop if they see something they want to watch. Irish says she’s okay with the television being off. LeMisha tells Kameelah to go back a few channels. Kameelah stops at a comedy. LeMisha says it looks dumb and it’s the only thing that’s made her smile. Irish says she’s going to make popcorn. She skipped dinner and now she’s hungry. Kameelah says she’s to make a root beer float. Irish says she hasn’t one of those she was a kid and follows Kameelah to the kitchen.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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