Video Review: Robyn “Ever Again”

Robyn, wearing Nicolas Ghesquière for Louis Vuitton, stares at a male sculpture standing in the sand. She walks to the microphone and begins to sing. She takes the microphone stand and lets it swing back and forth. Lit in Parisienne blue, she runs her hand on the stand. As she dances, she looses her blouse.

She lifts her leg on the microphone as she continues to dance by an oversized foot and a male bust.

In the manufactured sunlight, she crouches on the sand and takes off her blouse. She throws her blouse to the side and drags her microphone stand. The light changes to teal and seafoam green as she continues to dance.

While lying on the sand, she places the microphone stand between her legs and then draws a circle with it. Sitting up, she touches her crotch. Lifting up the microphone stand, she spins in a circle over her head.

Lit in Parisienne blue, she crouches on the sand while singing into the microphone. Standing up, she wipes the sand off her hand and leaves.

Rating: 5/5

The male sculpture was someone Robyn once knew. His features were frozen and he was gallant as he stood. However, he was untouchable. The oversized foot reminded her of a friend she once loved. There was bits of people who had her on her knees.

The microphone was the only source of power she had. Her voice cracks during sections as the words connect with her. She was no longer defined by the cold statues standing by her. She was not pieces of other people. While the statues judged her with their eyes, she touches her crotch and moans. She was going to feel each pleasure within her own body. The statues lecture her with their eyes but stares right at them.

The place was familiar, although it was a hybrid of her memories. The sand underneath her fingers was from a beach somewhere in Europe. She had lived on a soundstage for most of her life. However, there didn’t seem to be a way out. She isn’t sure how she entered, though. While she walks out, though, a transparent door forms and she leaves.

Director: Colin Solal Cardo  Year: 2019

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