Video Review: P!nk & Wrabel “90 Days”

Pink sits at the table and watches a video on Youtube from the April 22, 2019 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. People scream and stand up to cheer for her as she walks on stage. She sits down with DeGeneres on the couch. DeGeneres comments that she “looks fantastic” and asks about her children.

She pours coffee for herself and her husband, Carey Hart. She hands the cup to Hart and leans in for a kiss. While sitting at the dining table, she smiles as she throws some cereal at him.

In the shower, she looks down, as the water drenches her and her clothes. She and her husband dance in the family room.She stares up at her husband while he works on the laptop. Resting her foot on the dashboard, she stares at him while he drives the car.

She lies fully clothed in the bathtub.As her husband opens the refrigerator, she leans against the wall in the next room. She looks out the window and rests her head on her husband’s shoulder as he drives.

In the family room, she and her husband fight. Her husband sits at the bar and drinks. She drives back home alone.While hugging her husband, she clutches his shirt and tries not to cry. She draws a heart on the window as he continues to drive. Her husband kisses her hand while he steers.

She continues to let the water drench her in the shower.

Rating: 5/5

Some days are harder than others. P!nk tries to hide it from her husband, though. He’ll urge her to call the doctor and schedule another session. However, the sessions and medication don’t seem to work most days. She’s breaking out in tears almost every day now. Her daughter shows her a picture she drew and for about ten seconds, the world is better again.

Her husband pats her on the arm and wants to know if he wants to go with him to work. She says it’s ok. During their drive, she’s quiet and lost in her thoughts. She reaches for her husband’s hand. He lets her be and holds her hand. She knows she gives him a difficult time sometimes. He puts up with a lot. However, he’s the only one who knows her and has helped her confront her problems head-on.

She shouldn’t have nitpicked. But she had to say something and get it out of her system. Her husband tells her she’s a nag and she calls him a jerk. She yells that she wishes she hadn’t married him. He slams the door and tells her to get some help. She knows he’s right. She picks up her cell phone and finds her doctor. She disconnects the call. She’ll try again later. They are usually really busy in the afternoon and probably out to lunch.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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