Video Review: RuPaul “A Shade Shady (Now Prance)”

RuPaul’s red lips sing over a background of dollar bills.

Against a white background, she wears a plum dress as she turns in a circle. Money flies from the ceiling.

Lit in lavender, she holds a video recorder and fixes her hair. She looks into the mirror in the dressing room.

Against the white background, she dances next to a satellite.

On stage, she holds some roses as she walks.

Lit in lavender, she talks with a talk show host.

Against the white background, she answers the phone.

Wearing a lavender bodysuit, she lies on a pile money and fans herself with it.

Lit in lavender, she poses with fans of all ages. She attends a red carpet event and waves to fans at the music store to promote her album. She signs autographs.

In black-and-white,  she runs in the city, holding a briefcase. She sits on a chair in the park.

People wave money at her as she walks the runway.

She waves money as she stands by hanging silver disco balls.

She dances on the runway and takes the money from the people in the front row.

While performing on stage, she touches the people’s hands.

As she dances during rehearsal, her top falls off and she laughs. A sign over her breasts reads: “Just do it.”

Rating: 3/5

RuPaul talks the host at the local gay bar near his home. The host and RuPaul clink their drinks. She asks him to not to say anything that she’s here. The host tells her that people want to say hello and that they’ve missed her. She says she’ll need a couple more drinks before she’ll agree to it.

She introduces first drag queen. The first drag queen rolls her eyes at her as she walks by. The second drag queen gives her a hug and tells she looks good. RuPaul gives her some of his money to start her off. Between performances, a young man approaches her and says she’s exploiting them and minimizing their message. RuPaul explains she is perhaps the most exposure the soccer moms get to something out of the mainstream. She says she’s been given a platform but she has a job she needs to do also.

The host gives her purse and tells her she’s always welcome to come back. RuPaul hugs the host and says she hopes some of the backlash has settled by that time. The host waves it off and says they are the only visible person they know. They’ll come around. RuPaul says he hopes they do. She doesn’t plan on being quiet and keep on fighting for them. The host tells her goodbye and says let him know if she needs anyone for a protest. She says she’ll give him a call.

Director: N/A Year: 1993

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