Video Review: Faith Evans “Love Like This”

A large, silver disco ball hangs in the center of a roller skating rink. The people skate past the multi-colored walls.

Faith Evans sings in a hot pink painted hallway.

A couple dances together as they skate. A young woman, wearing a lime green crop top, spins in a circle.

Underneath the disco ball, she sings on a platform. A twentysomething man does the splits as he skates. A second twentysomething walks with his skates.

Wearing an off-the-shoulder blouse,  she sings against a beige screen, which shows shots of her face. She sings against an aqua background.

People form a line and skate together around the rink.

Wearing a silver suit, she dances within a larger disco ball. The light rotates from gold and royal blue as she dances underneath the disco ball.

She snaps her fingers as she dances on the platform. Glitter lands in air as it falls from the ceiling. The disco ball continues to turn in the empty rink.

Rating: 4/5

Faith Evans watches a twentysomething man bend his legs as he turns and claps for him. She was rooting for him to win the competition over the weekend. The twentysomething man helps her off the platform and says their lesson will be start in about twenty minutes. People speed past her as she walks on the floor. A child apologizes for almost knocking her over. She heaves a sigh and thinks of cancelling.

The twentysomething links his arm with hers as he maintains her balance on the floor. She says she’s hasn’t skated she was a kid. He says she’s doing fine and will be on her own by the end of the day. She hangs close to the wall. However, he leans her towards the center. He tells her not to rely on the wall. She says she’s going to break her leg. He promises he won’t that happen. At the end of the hour, he cheers for her as she skates around the rink on her own. She puts her hand on her heart and says she can’t believe she did it. Leaning against the wall, she rubs her ankles. As he leads her back to the bench, he tells her she did a really good job .

Sitting in the bleachers at the convention center, she cheers for the twentysomething as she listens to his scores. He achieved perfect 10s. He was going to win it all. On the podium, he smiles as the judge puts the gold medal around his neck.

Director: Hype Williams Year: 1998

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