Video Review: Lewis Capaldi “Grace”

Lewis Capaldi stands in the driveway of his suburban neighborhood, carrying his guitar case. His sister pulls up and explains, “Lewis, babe, I’m done my knee out. You wouldn’t mind covering for me, would you?”

The men at the strip club stare at him as the owner leads him to the dressing room. He stares at his guitar in its case. Lit in scarlet red, he practices some steps backstage. The boss puts his hand over his head as Capaldi says he’s filling in for his sister.

He passes his mixtape to the bartender and then walks up to the stage. He puts his hand on the pole and walks in a circle. Turning his back to the men, he points to one businessman and shakes his hips. The businessman shakes his head. He slides on the pole and rolls around on the stage. Several men join him on stage and perform a dance routine with him. The men take off their shirts and he tosses his jacket towards the tables.

The men sitting at the tables squint and exchange glances with one another. He leaps in the air and the boss breaks his glass at the bar. One fortysomething man smiles as he hugs a pole by his table. A sixtysomething “oohs.” As he and the male dancers grab their crotches, the men throw their money at them. The boss stands up and cheers.

At around 7 a.m., he finishes his shift and leaves the bar.

Rating: 3.5/5

Lewis Capaldi carries the bowl of cereal to the table for his sister while she hobbles to the table. His sister says she’s going to be off her feet for about a month. He says he can take in extra shifts at her job. His sister laughs and says it was a one-off. She doesn’t expect him to do it again. He says her boss really liked it and that he wants him to do another routine. He explains he could earn enough to cover her medical expenses and time off work.

He shows up for his late night shift. The boss suggests he do his acrobatics again. He performs his set with his group of male dancers. The men rush to the stage. Some flirt with men and reach for their bodies. Walking off the stage, the boss winks at him. The boss says he’s willing to hire the male dancers and reimburse him for any of his out-of-pocket expenses. The boss taps him on his arm and reads aloud a positive review online. The newspaper contacted him and wants to talk with Capaldi. Capaldi says he’s only doing it to help his sister. The boss he says he can’t. He’s rebranding his strip club.

Capaldi welcomes the standing-room only crowd to the club and breaks out into his dance. The women in the back cheer. The bouncers watch the men’s sliding hands and escorts a few out of the bar, saying it’s no longer that type of establishment. His sisters joins the routine mid-way through and says into her microphone, “oh, aren’t they handsome?” She adds that her brother is available. The women scream in the back.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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