Video Review: Adele “Hometown Glory”

Adele stares at a cloudy sky. Turning her head, she stands near a tree in the park. She waits at the end of the sidewalk of a suburban neighborhood.

She sits on a stool, a backdrop of an apartment building behind her. To the right of her, a backdrop of a factory stands near her. Backdrops of skyscrapers surround her. They rotate to the forest in the winter in the center and a general store to the right of her. The skyscrapers return. She gets off the stool and a young man opens the door of the soundstage for her.

Rating: 3/5

Adele talks to her former sixtysomething boss at the general store. He asks her about school. She tells him it’s going well and she’s home on break. He tells she’s welcome to pick up a few hours while she’s in town. She thanks him for thinking of her but says she won’t have time. She’s catching up her with all her friends and family. Her former boss tells her to say hello to her parents. She says she will and tells him she’ll come back before she leaves.

She rubs her hands as she walks in the park. It was getting rather chilly. She shoves her hands in her pockets and looks at the trees. Her neighbor waves to her and runs up to her. She asks her how she’s been and if she’s dating anyone. Adele blushes and says she met someone. However, they only talking. Her neighbor tells her that she hopes it works out for her.

At the diner in the city, she thanks the server for the coffee. Even though she’s been here for almost a year, it’s still a place a stay for her. It’s simply a place to be until she finds out where she’s going. She has a made a few new friends in her classes. She’s even dated a few guys on her floor. However, the friendships last as long as the semester. She had planned on taking a summer class. However, she wanted to be home for a while. She had already called her sixtysomething boss back home and requested some hours.

She reads her book behind the register. A young man taps the counter. She apologizes and puts her book away. She knew of the young man from the newspaper. He had been profiled as a graduate to watch. He had started his own business in his last year of school. She asks him how he’s doing. He says he’s can’t wait to leave the town and move to France. She says she’d like to visit there someday. However, she’d like to find a job back home after school. He shakes his head and tells her to have a good day.

Director: Rocky Schneck Year: 2009

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