Video Review: Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello “Señorita”

Shawn Mendes sits on his motorcycle in a parking lot as the sun sets. Camila Cabello pulls up her hair as she walks past the sinks and dishwashers in the back of the diner. He watches as she serves two young women. She stares at him.

Wearing a black, lacy outfit, she leans against the wall and bends down as the the final glimpse of sunlight streams through the blinds.

He watches her talk with her friends as he plays guitar on the sidewalk. Her friend taps her arm as he approaches her. He offers her his hand and they dance. She holds onto him and then pulls away.

He waits for her outside the diner after her shift. He runs up beside her and they stare off into each other’s eyes. She closes her eyes as she rests her head on his back while he rides the motorcycle.

At his apartment, she walks towards to him in the bedroom. He takes off his shirt. They kiss. She opens the curtain in the morning. He shields his eyes from the sun. She kisses him again.

Lit in scarlet red, she straddles at a restaurant and he kisses her against the wall.

Wearing a cream colored dress, she looks back at him as she walks in the street during the night.

He rides his motorcycle in the afternoon. She looks out the window of the diner. She sits with her friend on a bench during their break. He parks his motorcycle at the lake and stares at the water. She pulls at her skirt of her uniform and returns to work.

Rating: 5/5

Shawn Mendes wasn’t going to stop trying. Goosebumps appeared on his arms when Camila Cabello touched. She kissed him hard on the lips and apologized. With his hands on her hips, he told her to keep going and that he wanted her. In their only night together, he saw her the spark she was hiding from everyone.

She had to end it. His feelings overwhelmed her and she unable to control herself around him. While at work, she had served him a couple times. He had even asked for her. She had looked forward to seeing him on Friday. However, he gaze caught her off guard and she couldn’t breathe.

At the diner, she wouldn’t meet his eye. He stayed for almost two hours. She had served him two cups of him coffee. He put his hand on hers. She paused, while continuing to stare into his eyes. She moved her hand and walked to the next table. He’ll wait for her to allow herself to love him.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2019

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