Video Review: Omi “Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)”

Omi stands with his girlfriend by his car in Jamaica. A saxophonist leans against the tree and plays on the beach. She takes his hat and hands it back to him. He watches as she dances with her friends.

A young woman flies the Jamaican flag while he places the soccer ball on the sand. His girlfriend blows the whistle. His girlfriend cheers him on as he scores a goal.  She leaps into his arms and hugs him. She and her friends dance.

The saxophonist plays in the backseat of Omi’s car. He and his girlfriend dance by the car.

He and his girlfriend walk along the beach. She touches his chest as he leans against the wall of their house. He carries her towards the water.

At Redbones Cafe, he and his friends dance underneath the string of golden lights hanging on the poles. Some of the young women open their umbrellas. He holds her close as they dance.

Rating: 3.5/5

Omi and his girlfriend hold hands as they walk on the beach. She puts on the music as they wait by the car for their friends. Two of her friends come over to the car and she tells him she has to dance. He gives a her a kiss and tells her he sees some friends at the bar. He asks her if she wants anything. She asks for some wine.

She and her girlfriends chat on the beach. One of her friends says she’s planning a trip to California with her boyfriend. His girlfriend sips her wine and says she’d like to go someday. She says if she and Omi get married, she wants to go to Hawaii.

After the soccer game, he and his friends agree to meet at Redbones Cafe for dinner.

Omi holds his girlfriend’s hand on the dinner table. She laughs as a piece of lobster flies in the air. Omi takes the cracker and opens a few pieces for her. She comments that she cannot be trusted around the utensil.  Omi takes the jewelry box out of his jacket and presents it to his girlfriend. She puts her hands to her mouth and exclaims “yes! yes!” Their friends clap.The server brings over a bottle of champagne on the house. She gives him a hug. The people in restaurant clap for them.

He and his girlfriend walk onto the dance floor. The DJ welcomes the newly engaged couple and plays a slow song for them. She giggles and says she didn’t think it wouldn’t ever happen. Her friends gush at the ring. One of her friends says she almost told her while they talking about vacations. He puts his arm around his girlfriend and says he need to steal for her a little while. While they dance, he whispers that he’s so happy she’s going to be his wife.

Director: Scorpio 21 Year: 2015

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